Kickstart your projects in minutes!

A TYPO3 website starterkit

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Page layouts / Content objects

Flexible and modular page layouts to let you be creative. Many different content modules with accordions and tabs.

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Preconfigured extensions

We installed and configured allot of useful extensions for you. All of them tested and preconfigured in a the best possible way.

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Developer friendly

With our 10 years of experience of TYPO3 we know a little about how to set the system uo. So all our knowledge and experience packed into one simple platform.

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Install it in minutes

Using composer and fast deployment techniques. We will have something running for you in minutes

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Configure and Design

Just configure your T3KIT and start thinking of Desing. We have built in tools for making fast designs and prototyping. Either you use the customizer or just go directly to themes.

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Everything is there

You and your customer get an complete package. Just educate them and make them enjoy TYPO3 like never before.

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Top service. It’s nice to come back. Thank you for the support, efficient and fast. You are true professionals