2017-1 – New format for release emails

We have made our release emails more professional. From today, you can subscribe and unsubscribe from our release emails through the t3kit.com website. We will send out emails for every release.

Important updates:

  • Simple accordion – new content element
    • Simple accordion, based on gridelements. Every element inside it can be found in the separate accordion panel. Having several content elements in one accordion panel is not possible.
    • Example
  • Slider container – new content element
    • The element gives you a possibility to create slider/carousel content with any combination of t3kit/TYPO3 content elements. Based on gridelements.
    • Example
  • Hover effects for ImageTextLink element
  • Main menu navigation with three levels
  • More levels for sub navigation (max 7 levels)
  • Larger images in the main content area 
    • Minimum width of the image is 900px. Previously it was 600px.
  • Made the slider slide automatically 
    • We added an auotoslide option to the main t3kit slider. Disabled by default.
  • Added alignment settings to slider element
    • Left/Right/Center alignment for the entire slider element.
  • Added possibility to change link text, and appearance for each slide
    • This feature lets you change button title and add appearance class to each slide in t3kit slider element.
    • Link to manual
  • Changed backend login logo and background.
    • It can be changed in BE -> Extensions ->  TYPO3 Backend.
  • Added a cookie bar.  

Next focus areas:

  • New release version t3kit version 7.1. Updates community extension dependencies (solr, themes, etc).
  • Better UX labels in backend.
  • Localization server.
  • Development of t3kit version 8.0 – based on TYPO3 8 LTS.

For developers and contributors:

You will find everything else in our t3kit workspace: https://podio.com/pixelantse/t3kit 
Github: https://github.com/t3kit 


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