T3kit Roadmap

This page describes our development plan for the upcoming months in t3kit. It is subject of regular reviews and changes. If you would like to contribute, join us at TYPO3 slack channel #t3kit.

Short term - 4 months

Medium term - 8 months

  • New theme with Bootstrap 4.0 with SASS support
    • Create new theme iteration for t3kit with new bootstrap and SASS instead of Less
  • Get all HTML rendered with Fluid
    • Currently missing Solr search and Menus. Solr search is on the way, but currently is in the Early Access program.
  • Publish optional extensions available for community
    • Extensions should be styled, tested and compatible with t3kit out of box, but not distributed with basic t3kit package (example pxa_dealers, pxa_product_module, A/B testing module etc.)

Long term - 12 months

  • API access for all content elements for better integration to other services
    • For bigger projects there was a need to access TYPO3 content and page information through API as it can be done in Neos. Evaluate business opportunity of this, before we start.